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Fixing Electricity Production with Scale Microgrid's Tim Hade

December 05, 2022 Single.Earth Season 2 Episode 15
The NatureBacked Podcast
Fixing Electricity Production with Scale Microgrid's Tim Hade
Show Notes

Surging growth in distributed energy production, driven by innovations in solar and battery technologies,  is helping the energy sector to cope with climate change, said Tim Hade, COO and co-founder of Scale Microgrid Solutions.

“We’re getting to the point right now where distributed energy is starting to displace coal and gas - that’s going to be sort of a choppy road over the next decade or two,” Hade said. 

“Our current energy infrastructure has way too many single points of failure. We need to figure out a way to make it more reliable and more resilient in the face of ever-changing climate catastrophes,” Hade said.

“On-site solar generation and batteries can provide 80% of the facility’s power need today. And then figuring out the other 20% is where we spend a lot of engineering R&D time, trying to figure out how to get a zero or low-carbon solution.”

Learn more about:

  • Innovations unleashing distributed energy production
  • Challenges of hydrogen distribution
  • The continuing surge in distributed energy production in the U.S.
  • Fast-evolving battery technologies

“When you look at the ramp rate when it comes to battery technology, we’re accomplishing a lot of things in months that people thought would take decades,” Hade said.

“We’re experimenting with all sorts of cool technologies in that space, different battery chemistries, and longer-duration storage, as well as alternative sustainable fuels like green hydrogen, is an example."

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